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8 Hotel Amenities That Make Guests Feel Extra Special

8 Hotel Amenities That Make Guests Feel Extra Special

All hotels should aim to provide a range of high-quality amenities to guests. However, it is also prudent to include some VIP amenities for certain customers. These amenities that go above and beyond help to make the experience memorable and promote brand loyalty. Furthermore, VIP amenities are a great way for hotels to express appreciation to customers who continue to book with them.

Some ideas for outstanding amenities include:

1. Free spa treatments

One of the easiest ways to recognize VIP customers is connecting them to services that already exist at the hotel. If a facility already has a spa, then these guests could be given one free service during their stay. This gives guests the opportunity to relax while costing the hotel very little in the long run.

Hotels that do not have a spa can still offer their VIP guests access to another paid service for free, whether that means laundry, ironing, or planned excursions in the local area. Even a free meal at the hotel restaurant can make guests feel very special.


2. Free wine and cheese

Few things can help guests relax after a long day like a glass of nice wine and a variety of expertly paired cheeses. Hotels can attract guests by including these small luxuries as part of a room. Establishments can also put a local spin on the offering by providing items produced nearby, which may mean opening up the offering to include beer and spirits. Ideally, guests should be able to express their preference beforehand so that they are sure to get items they truly enjoy.

3. Customized room items

One way to make guests feel truly at home is to customize the room as much as possible. Many hotels already store guest preferences in their database or allow guests to make choices before their stay, but some facilities go even further.

A hotel in Beverly Hills will actually monogram pillowcases with the initials of their guests so they feel like they are sleeping in their own bedroom. Guests can then choose to take the pillowcases home with them or have them stored for a future stay.

4. Recognizing younger guests

Those who travel with their children will be very impressed to see a hotel that goes out of its way to cater to them. Hotels can choose to recognize younger guests in a variety of different ways, such as traveling carts of treats that go door to door or special vouchers that entitle children to free drinks and desserts at the hotel. Guest rooms should be stocked with kid-friendly items, such as toys and games, too.

5. Unique concierge services

Hotels can quickly distinguish themselves from their competitors with the unique concierge services that they offer their guests. In general, these services should align with the hotel’s overall brand. For example, a hotel focused on exercise and wellness could offer a running or biking concierge who can help guests plan routes in the area, while a hotel with a full spa could offer a concierge who allows guests to choose their own bath products to use during the stay.

hotel concierge

6. Complimentary taxi service

While traveling, transportation always remains one of the biggest stressors. Hotels can help alleviate this stress by connecting their VIP guests to free pick-up and drop-off service anywhere in the city. Guests may not always use the service, but it will provide them with some comfort to know they are never stranded. This type of service shows that the hotel really cares about the customer experience and will go to great lengths to make sure their stay is as pleasant as possible. Hotels can also offer pick-up and drop-off service at the airport.

7. Luggage forwarding

A number of hotels now offer luggage forwarding services, which can help to eliminate the hassle of dealing with bags and alleviate any worry about these items arriving safely. With luggage forwarding service, a freight company sends a guest’s belongings to the hotel ahead of time, and hotel employees unpack the items so that they are neatly put away in the guest’s room. Then, when the guest leaves, the staff repacks the items to be sent back to the guest’s home or on to a different location.

8. A dedicated butler

One of the most high-end amenities that a hotel can offer is a personal, dedicated butler. This individual should be available around the clock for virtually any question or task. When providing this type of service, hotels should make sure guests know how to take advantage of the butler, from requesting a snack delivery while out and about on the town to asking for dog-walking services (provided that the hotel is pet-friendly).

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