8 of the Most Exciting Daytrips to Take While Visiting Dallas

8 of the Most Exciting Daytrips to Take While Visiting Dallas

Dallas has a lot to offer visitors, but travelers may want to see some other attractions in Texas. Luckily, a number of exciting day trips are possible for people who want to get out of the city or see a different town with a unique culture.

These trips range from beautiful outdoor spaces to small towns with a lot of charm, not to mention other major cities in the vicinity. Some of the top destinations to check out include:

1. Dinosaur Valley State Park

Located about 90 minutes by car from Dallas, Dinosaur Valley State Park is fun for travelers of any age. The park is based in Glen Rose, which is called the Dinosaur Capital of Texas. Park visitors have the opportunity to see real dinosaur tracks.

People interested in dinosaurs can use a visit to learn quite a bit about the history of these creatures and the role their life in North America. Plus, visitors will find a lot of hiking and biking trails, so there is plenty of chances for getting great exercise.

2. Lake Texoma

Based in Pottsboro, Lake Texoma is a day trip best taken during the summer months. The lake is actually a large reservoir that individuals use for sailing, as well as other activities like swimming, and fishing.

Lake Texoma

Visitors will also have the opportunity to ride horses while at the lake. Those interested in more than a day trip can camp out for an extended visit. Lake Texoma is a great option for people who want to check out some unique wildlife. Around the lake are dozens of parks that individuals can explore to make a full day of the adventure.

3. Fredericksburg

Texas Hill Country is a truly unique region, with many wineries and some great antique shops. Fredericksburg is one of the best choices for those interested in exploring this area. This charming little town is ideal for a romantic excursion or a fun day out with the family.

The town is actually several hours away from Dallas, but it is possible to make the trip in a single day. While there, visitors should be sure to check out the galleries and shops along Main Street before seeing the surrounding hills. Spring is probably the best time to visit Fredericksburg, as wildflowers bloom all around the town.

4. Turner Falls Park

At Turner Falls Park, travelers can hike through caves, wander around a beautiful forest, and see a 77-foot waterfall. The park is in Davis, Oklahoma, but is only a couple of hours from Dallas. Turner Falls is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Dallas.

Turner Falls Park
Image by Ann W | Flickr

Visitors will likely see a bunch of wildlife and can have fun swimming in natural pools with sandy beaches. To make the most of the trip, travelers should pack snacks to enjoy in one of the several picnic spots. If tourists want to stay more than a day, both cabins and campsites are available.

5. Jefferson

Located in the northeastern part of Texas, Jefferson is a small town that is rather used to hosting travelers because of its many attractions. Visitors can scope out historic homes and buy antiques from a variety of different outlets.

Plus, the city has fantastic museums that will appeal especially to history buffs. People should also make sure to check out Big Cypress Bayou for some interesting views of Texas landscapes before they decide to head back to Dallas.

6. Davy Crockett National Forest

Encompassing 160,000 acres of land, Davy Crockett National Forest is a multiuse park that will please any nature lover or outdoor enthusiast. The biggest attraction at the national forest is likely Ratcliff Lake Recreation Area, which has a beach along the water, as well as picnic sites and areas for camping.

Of course, the park also features a number of hiking trails that travelers can use to explore the scenery. The park is also very accommodating of equestrian activities for people who like to wander around on horseback.

7. Denton

Less than an hour from Dallas is Denton, a city that has become known for its robust live music scene. The town is home to two universities and has a number of charming bars, galleries, breweries, restaurants, and boutiques. Musicians play in venues across the town.

Denton Texas
Image by CameliaTWU | Flickr

Visitors may just get to see the next star on the rise performing at one of these venues. Individuals should definitely make it a point to get to Denton if they happen to visit during one of the town’s music festivals, such as the Denton Blues Festival or the Denton Arts & Jazz Festival.

8. Caddo Lake State Park

Caddo Lake is the largest naturally formed lake in the state of Texas. The park provides more than 50 miles of paddling trails that visitors can explore by kayak or canoe. Plus, the park offers more than 13 miles of trails through the Pineywoods.

One of the best options is the Whispering Pines Nature Trail, which passes through a hardwood-pine forest. Visitors should definitely bring their cameras as the large yet bald cypress trees covered in Spanish moss give the area a very eerie feel. Plus, individuals may see some alligators lurking around the various pools throughout the park.