6 of the Top Reasons for Tourists to Make a Trip to Dallas

6 of the Top Reasons for Tourists to Make a Trip to Dallas

Dallas is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. Perhaps as a result, more people are taking notice and beginning to visit. The city embodies what it means to be Texan while also serving as one the state’s most popular cultural destinations.

Visitors will find incredible diversity throughout Dallas. There are a wide range of attractions, from world-class museums to one of the biggest state fairs in the country. Some of the top reasons to visit Dallas include:

1. Cowboy Culture

Tourists may think that cowboys are a thing of the past. However, when individuals explore Dallas, they will find this culture alive and well. The police officers in Dallas wear cowboy hats. Boots remain the most common shoe choice when going out on the town.


Individuals should check out a rodeo while they are in town as Dallas houses the first indoor rodeo in the world. The stadium attracts a number of locals and tourists who want to check out the bucking bulls and the brave men who try to hang on for their lives. The event also features a lasso competition.

Many people have never before seen this side of the United States. In the Stockyards district of the nearby Fort Worth, tourists will find a whole neighborhood dedicated to cowboys. Local stores sell cow hides, belt buckles, and more. The area also has a daily cattle drive.

2. Extraordinary Food

Texas has earned culinary recognition for its barbecue. This means that visitors will find incredible examples of slow-cooked brisket, pulled pork, and other staples throughout the city. Pecan Lodge is one of the top barbecue restaurants, with lines regularly forming around the block.

Cowboy culture has also had its impact on the city’s culinary scene, with massive steaks and other hearty dishes readily available. However, visitors should not ignore the Mexican and Southern influences on Dallas cuisine.

In the Deep Ellum neighborhood, visitors will find some incredible taquerias, as well as microbreweries with tasty treats to complement their suds. For some southern grub, tourists should check out the uptown district, where grits, fried chicken, and similar dishes are on most menus.

Dallas also has a rich food truck culture.

3. Arts Scene

Perhaps surprisingly, Dallas has become one of the most art-centric cities in the country. The city has a massive Arts District that houses the Nasher Sculpture Center, the Crow Collection of Asian Art, and the Dallas Museum of Art. They have all received national acclaim for their collections.

Furthermore, the city has a number of gorgeous street art murals, especially in the Arts District and Deep Ellum. The number of murals seems to grow all the time. It is worth a bit of exploration to find them.

Tourists should also spend time in the many galleries throughout the city. This will give visitors a sense of the work being done by contemporary artists and provide them with the opportunity to support their art.

4. Live Music

While most people probably associate live music in Texas with Austin, Dallas also has a rich history of venues. Individuals may want to see who is performing at the larger locations like Starplex Pavilion. In addition, Deep Ellum has some smaller clubs that have hosted musicians since the 1920s. A number of jazz and blues musicians emerged from Dallas, including Bessie Smith and Huddie Ledbetter.

More recently, bands like Pearl Jam and The Flaming Lips launched their careers at classic Dallas venues. Dada Dallas and Trees are some of the most popular venues in the city now. In Fort Worth is Billy Bob’s Texas, the largest Honky Tonk in the world. Here, individuals can take free line dancing lessons while listening to live music.

5. Outdoor Fun

The weather in Dallas is conducive to being outside as much as possible. As a result, Dallas residents seek reasons to enjoy the fresh air. Two spaces that tourists may want to check out include Klyde Warren Park and White Rock Lake.

botanic garden

Located downtown, Klyde Warren Park features special spaces for children to play, as well as a gorgeous fountain and peaceful walkways. Throughout the year, a variety of events are held here, from fitness classes to lawn game competitions.

Dallas also features an Arboretum and Botanical Garden along the shores of White Rock Lake. The attraction spans more than 60 acres and features gardens representative a number of different international styles.

6. Rich History

When individuals think of Texas history, the Alamo and San Antonio probably come to mind first. However, Dallas has its own unique place in the history of the state and the country.

Here, laser tag, the microchip, and 7-11 convenience stores all made their first appearances. Furthermore, the term Super Bowl actually originates in Dallas. Plus, Dallas history includes interesting figures like Bonnie and Clyde.

Perhaps the most famous piece of history to happen in Dallas is the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Visitors can learn all about this historical event and the legacy of Kennedy’s presidency at the Texas School Book Depository and Sixth Floor Museum.