6 of the Best Hotel Amenities for Parents with Babies and Toddlers

6 of the Best Hotel Amenities for Parents with Babies and Toddlers

Traveling with a baby or toddler can be extremely stressful for parents. In addition to bringing a large number of items, from diaper bags to cribs, individuals also worry about keeping young children safe and entertained.

Many hotels do not carry the items that babies and toddlers need. Companies can distinguish themselves by offering amenities the make the lives of parents much easier. Parents will often pay more to stay at a hotel that provides many of the items they will need so that they do not have to travel with countless bags.

Some of the top amenities for making stays with babies and toddlers more pleasant include:

1. Childproofing

Parents spend a lot of time making sure that their homes are safe environments for their young children. They may experience anxiety exposing them to a new environment with sharp edges, electrical sockets, and other dangers. Hotels can easily appeal to parents by offering childproofed rooms that are prepared and inspected prior to arrival.

Some of the items to include in childproofing are toilet latches, outlet covers, and night-lights. Hotels should carefully explain everything they do to make the room safe so that parents can feel less anxious about their stay. By looking at this list, parents and caregivers will know whether or not they will need to bring any of their own childproofing supplies.

2. Baby food

One of the best parts of staying at a hotel for many guests is the room service. The ability to have quality food delivered directly to the room is a top amenity people want. It is also one that can easily be adjusted to benefit parents of babies and toddlers.


The trend of baby food on room service menus started in Europe but is making its way slowly to the United States. The offerings usually include fresh, pureed fruits and vegetables similar to baby food that would be purchased in jars or pouches. Hotels may even want to offer some purees with meat and fish for a more substantial meal.

3. Strollers

Traveling with strollers is not easy. The gate check process can be very annoying and make the entire experience feel like one huge hassle. If the hotel provides strollers, parents may feel more comfortable leaving their own at home.

Of course, appealing to parents really depends on the quality of stroller offered. Cheap options may leave parents feeling like they should actually bring their own.

When hotels invest in high-end strollers, parents may actually look forward to borrowing one during their trip. If hotels choose to invest in high-end strollers, they should market this heavily to start attracting parents.

4. Baby gear

Bringing a lot of baby gear on a trip can prove extremely expensive, since items like pack ‘n plays and highchairs are quite large. Many hotels offer these items to parents, but brands can go the extra mile by providing a menu of these items to parents prior to arrival and having all the requested items ready to go in the room.

This extra step lets parents relax knowing that they will have access to everything they need and streamlines the entire travel process. Hotels may also want to provide baby baskets in the rooms of parents that request gear to make sure that they have everything they might need. The baskets can include commonly-needed items like diapers and pacifiers, as well as baby-friendly snacks as a friendly welcome.

5. Baby butler

Some luxury brands are appealing to parents by providing them with a baby butler. This individual is dedicated to making sure that parents with babies and toddlers have everything that they need.


The butler may contact parents prior to arrival to check with what they will need in the room and then drop by to make sure that everything meets expectations once they have settled. In addition, the baby butler is available around the clock for items like wipes, lotions, and more that the baby might need.

Ideally, the baby butler has some training in baby products and is able to address issues like the differences between brands with parents.

6. Sitters

Sometimes parents want a night away from their young babies and toddlers. While they may have trusted sitters at home, finding one while traveling can be challenging. Hotels can help by vetting local sitters and keeping trusted individuals on staff who are able to provide sitting services directly in the room. Many parents will happily take advantage of this service to get a few hours to themselves.

Another way that hotels can help is by offering nannies who will watch after children for longer periods of time or actually accompany families as they venture around a new city. Such a service can be particularly useful for parents who are traveling alone with children and need another hand.

Hotels can additionally create activities meant for babies and children. Evening groups can be a great way to keep kids entertained while giving parents a break.