5 of the Best Tips for Creating a Memorable Hotel Pool Experience

5 of the Best Tips for Creating a Memorable Hotel Pool Experience

While hotels can win customer loyalty by offering practical solutions like cutting-edge business centers, they also need to think about how they can help guests relax and have fun. Hotel swimming pools have long been one of the most popular ways for guests to unwind after a long day out and about.

However, it is important for hotels to recognize the importance of making the pool experience an appealing one. Investing money into a pool that ends up being unattractive or impractical is a waste since guests will not want to use it. On the other hand, a pool with great amenities and some interesting features will make people want to stay at the same hotel again and again. Some tips when it comes to creating a great hotel pool experience include the following:

1. Think about the view.

Not every hotel is situated geographically to provide guests with a stunning view from the pool, but those that are should take advantage. Even hotels that may not seem to have a view can figure out something other than an indoor windowless room or fenced-in area in the back. Hotels in cities could install a pool on the roof or a top floor to give pool guests a stunning view of the skyline, while other hotels can make the view pretty by planting gardens around the pool or adding water features, like a waterfall. Even if the pool needs to be enclosed, managers should think about commissioning murals or hanging art on the walls to make the area as appealing as possible.

2. Offer poolside service.

Guests will not want to leave the pool area, especially an outdoor one, to retrieve food and drinks. Hotels should provide poolside service so that they can fill up their bellies or quench their thirst without missing out on any of the fun. Hotels should ideally align their offerings with their brand. For example, a hotel that caters to children could serve a variety of tropical mocktails to guests, along with kid-favorite foods like chicken fingers. In other words, the menu should be inspired by and align with the overall experience. If the food is bland, uninspired, and lacking, guests may decide to spend less time at the pool, and the hotel could miss out on a lot of revenue, not to mention an easy opportunity to impress customers.


3. Create unique experiences.

Hotels should also take advantage of the pool when thinking about other amenities that they can offer their guests. The pool can serve as a nexus for a wide range of different guest experiences. For example, the hotel could offer classes ranging from water aerobics to paddleboard yoga.

Managers can even think beyond athletics in terms of unique offerings for guests. For an outside pool with a large patio area, for example, hotels may want to offer a library so that people can relax poolside with a good book. They can also offer fun outdoor games, from ping-pong to shuffleboard.

4. Make private spaces.

Though the pool is a communal area, guests may wish to have their own space around it. Many hotels offer cabanas that can be rented. Ideally, these spaces come with a lot of perks, such as a personal server, to make the expense worth it. One hotel in Los Angeles, for example, has outfitted all of its cabanas with flat-screen televisions and complimentary Wi-Fi.

Hotels can surprise cabana guests throughout the day with unique refreshments to make them feel truly special. This level of service is perhaps not necessary for every hotel, but creating private spaces is a great way to attract people to the pool area and create a memorable experience. Of course, the cabanas themselves need to be well-maintained, inviting, and private.

5. Consider guest needs.

One of the best ways to get guests excited about a day at the pool is to provide them with everything they might need to enjoy themselves, as well as some things that they may not have even considered. For example, hotels can outfit guest rooms with complimentary sunscreen and make pool towels easily accessible so that guests can quickly get out to the pool. A hotel in Barcelona takes this a step further by providing a poolside beauty cart, which allows guests to get exactly the products they need to protect their skin and look their best, not to mention lotions for helping their skin recover from the chlorine. Hotels may also want to consider providing items like straw hats and sunglasses with the hotel name or logo on them, which would provide an excellent opportunity for branding and driving loyalty.