10 of the Most Exceptional Hotel Concierge Services

10 of the Most Exceptional Hotel Concierge Services

Expectations for hotels are changing quickly, especially as millennials continue to represent a larger portion of guests. For high-end hotels, guests now expect not just the basic technological amenities, but also cutting-edge additions and hotel-driven experiences.

Brands can stand out from the competition by offering truly exceptional and unexpected amenities. One of the best ways that hotels can accomplish this is by providing distinctive concierge services.

A concierge is expected to help guests with a range of tasks, from purchasing tickets to booking appointments at salons, spas, and barbers. Many hotels around the world are building on their brands by offering concierge services that reflect either their personal brands or the local culture.

Some examples that could inspire hoteliers to think of their own unique offerings include:

1. Sneaker Concierge

One of the luxury hotels in New York understands how much footwear means to many of its guests. For that reason, people staying in its new penthouse have access to a personalized sneaker concierge.

The concierge will provide the perfect complement to any outfit. Concierges have access to virtually any sneaker ever made, from vintage editions to new, limited runs.

2. Tequila Concierge

A hotel in Puerto Vallarta celebrates its heritage with an in-house tequila concierge, who functions almost like a sommelier for the blue agave-derived spirit. Guests can arrange a private tasting and education event with the tequila concierge.


Guests can also obtain help with identifying individualized food pairings. Also, the concierge will bring the perfect variety straight to the room based on the stated preferences of each guest.

3. Craft Beer Concierge

Another hotel capitalizes on its Colorado location to connect guests to unique craft beer experiences. The hotel is located in a neighborhood with a large number of microbreweries.

The craft beer concierge helps guide people to where they might find their new favorite brews. The hotel even offers vintage bikes for guests to use as they travel between breweries.

4. Record Concierge

Southern California is known for its laid-back vibe. One hotel celebrates this with a record concierge.

The individual in this position has access to an impressive array of different records. He or she will connect with guests to create personalized playlists for their stay or simply introduce them to new artists that they might enjoy listening to as they relax.

5. Apothecary Concierge

At a hotel in Mexico, guests can meet one-on-one with an apothecary concierge. This individual uses the conversation to create customized beauty products.

Guests can identify the particular ingredients and products that they enjoy. The concierge makes skincare products according to their exact needs and preferences.

6. Paranormal Concierge

The hotel known to be the inspiration for Stephen King’s The Shining embraces its unique history by offering guests a paranormal concierge. The concierge leads guests on ghost tours while also initiating contact with the dead in some of the most legendary rooms. This offering has truly attracted ghost chasers from across the globe.

7. Gaucho Concierge

Guests at a hotel in Argentina can explore the local culture directly through a gaucho concierge. This individual is a locally raised cowboy who takes guests on authentic adventures that can include everything from fly-fishing to horseback riding.

horseback riding

Guests also rely on the concierge for engaging stories about the local area and for help exploring the many vineyards in the area.

8. Constellation Concierge

A hotel in Park City, Utah, understands that the area offers more than just access to some of the greatest ski slopes in the world. To help guests enjoy the beauty of the area, it offers a constellation concierge team. These individuals provide stargazing guidance during the summer months.

Guests who opt for the service are guided around the area and shown some of the major constellations, as well as planets. Plus, the team has access to great stargazing technology to make the experience extra special.

9. Graffiti Concierge

The Lower East Side of Manhattan is known for its street art. A local hotel has hired a graffiti expert to guide guests who want to explore some of the neighborhood’s most iconic pieces. The concierge can offer a lot of insight and guidance on the pieces. This means each guest comes away from the experience moved by the artistic statements.

10. Shabbat Technician

Some Jews observe Shabbat in a way that precludes them from using any technology for 24 hours. While traveling, this can prove rather difficult. To make the task easier, a Jerusalem hotel hires on-call Shabbat technicians.

They can utilize room keys, adjust light times, and more to make observance as simple as possible. During Shabbat, the hotel also programs an elevator to automatically stop on every floor so that guests can use it without having to push any buttons.